Dental Care

Oral and dental health is one of the most important aspects of your pet’s overall health.

Dental Care in Huntersville, NC

When it comes to getting a cleaning from your vet, frequency depends on the amount of plaque that has built up on your pet’s teeth – be sure to check often and look for yellow or brown buildup on the gum line. Once you see it, it’s time for a cleaning. If you neglect your pet’s dental care, they can certainly develop periodontal disease, which can get expensive to treat and cause other more serious health issues with your pet.

In addition to dental cleanings, we also provide extractions and radiography services. Our doctors make every effort to save teeth when possible. Dental x-rays provide valuable information to the doctor if a tooth’s health is in question. X-rays not only reveal the condition of the tooth’s root, but also the condition of the supporting bone.