Carolinas Veterinary Care Clinic is among the most premier pet boarding facility and kennel in North Carolina owned and operated by Veterinarians. We specialize in the boarding of all pets including dogs, cats, and exotic pet boarding of birds, reptiles, guinea pigs, rats, and many more. Our staff consists of licensed Veterinary Technicians who are skilled in providing your pet with prompt medical attention when needed. We can also accomodate pets needing injections or medications at no additional charge. Our commitment is to your pet's health and safety, as well as a pleasurable spa experience for both you and your pet. We offer deluxe cat boarding kennels with a view in a secluded room with plenty of sunshine. For our canine guests we have spacious “run style” kennel condos for all pets over 25 lbs and standard cozykennel condos for our smaller guests in a room with plenty of natural sunlight as well as an indoor arena where your pet will be allowed to roam several times throughout the day. We do not charge extra for any special attention!

Our professional staff is dedicated to providing your pet with the individual care and attention they deserve while boarding in our kennels. Our staff can accommodate any special feeding requirements at no additional charge as long as it occurs during normal business hours. Our kennel was designed to ensure your pet feels at home while you are away; a spa vacation your furry friend.

All of our cat kennel boarding guests are required to be current on the FVRCP (4-way vaccination) and Rabies vaccine (1 or 3 year variety) and Distemper/Parvo, Rabies, and Bordetella for dogs. Ferrets are required to be vaccinated against Rabies and Distemper. Exotic pets other than ferrets do not require vaccination but are required to be free of any contagious diseases before they arrive. We can accommodate all types of pet boarding as long as the pets are not venomous and are legal to be accepted as a pet by the state of North Carolina. Diet and housing for all exotic pets are required to be provided by the owner.  To ensure the health and safety of all our guests, all pets should be current on their vaccinations at least two weeks prior to their stay in our kennels. What is unique about our kennel is the fact that we have two Veterinarians located and practicing within the same facility.

Upon registration, we will record your pets medical history and any special needs they may have. Each pet will be introduced to one of our special staff members who will oversee their diet, behavior, exercise, and handle the administration of any required medication.  We can also provide routine veterinary care or grooming while your pet is with us upon request, and will be glad to provide you with an estimate for any additional services.

All guests must be free of any contagious conditions, arrive free of fleas and other parasites, and have a regimen of monthly flea and heartworm prevention.  Check out our facebook page for photos of the staff and our kennels or check out our virtual tour. At Carolinas Veterinary Care Clinic we have an open door policy and allow our clients open access to tour our kennel at any time.

Boarding Menu

Boarding Overnight:
      Dog Boarding: $35 per pet, per calendar day.
      Cat Boarding:  $20 per pet, per calendar day. 
      Exotic Pet Boarding: $20 per pet, per calendar day.
    (Includes rabbits, rodents, reptiles, birds, etc) 

You are charged for the full day regardless of time of arrival.

On the day of pick up - If you pick up your pet between 9 AM and 11 AM, there is no charge for the day. After 11 AM (11:01 AM+) there is a full day care charge.


Full Day $20.00 8 AM - 6 PM
Half Day $16 any 6-hour session during business hours.
Hourly $8 any hours during business hours.

Boarding: Pickup and Drop Off Monday Through Friday 8am-6pm, Sat and Sun 9am-11 am and 5pm-7pm. Open all Holidays but operate on the weekend pick up and drop off schedule for Memorial Day, 4th of July, Labor Day. 

What sets Carolinas Veterinary Care apart from traditional pet boarding kennels?
  1. Our kennel is designed to have a spa like atmosphere for the pets, and is owned and operated by veterinarians. No white walls, no chain link fences, and no portable boarding crates will be found here!
  2. We have a personalized touch- The maximum amount of dog boarding we have a capacity for is 17 and the maximum amount of cat boarding we have capacity for is 11 so every pet receives personalized attention.
  3. Our kennel is heated and cooled, there is plenty of natural sunlight entering the boarding area.
  4. Each pet receives a blankie to snuggle, a cozy cot, daily kong or snack of choice, a walk at 8 am and 6 pm and happy hour in the play arena where they can bark at Northcross Shopping center customers from 11-6. The great part is that the pets can see out the windows but nobody can see in!
  5. Owners can bring all of the treats and toys with the pet to make their stay in our kennel as comfortable as possible.
  6. We have an area of grass approximately 25 yards by 25 yards that is used for our walk, We can also walk leash trained pets through the sidewalks of northcross village to socialize with other pets and people.
  7. We maintain a sterile hospital environment throughout the entire kennel keeping your pet safe from illness.
  8. We have an air conditioned and heated play arena indoors and pets are walked individually outdoors so there is no risk for pets being attacked by other animals by being left unsupervised in play yards.
  9. All staff members are licensed or trained Veterinary Technicians and caretakers that undergo extensive drug testing and background checks.
  10. The kennel is owned and operated by Veterinarians.
  11. Cats have their own dog free room. Felines spend their boarding stay in comfortable, quiet condos where there are no cages and cats can watch the people and birds as one side of the room is made of glass, don’t worry though the cats can see out but the people cannot see in. Our cat condos are equipped with climb-up shelves, hide-away boxes, and port-hole doors.
  12. Owners have the choice of bringing their own food for the pets or the pets will be fed high quality Royal Canin Dog or Cat Food.
  13. Because we are medical professionals we can recognize pets with communicable diseases when they are admitted and keep them away from other pets during their stay keeping healthy pets healthy!
  14. We take pride in treating all the pets that stay with us like we would like our own pet to be treated. If your pet needs medication, or medical attention while you are away, you can be assured that our team of doctors and trained staff will tend to your pet while you are away!

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